You may have questions about what we do or how we operate.  Here are some FAQs and our answers.  If you can't find the answer to your question below, send us a message HERE.  Or if you'd prefer to talk to us, please call 04 939 6088


Do I have to do personal training or be a physio patient to use the Studio?

No, you do not.  If you want to come and do your own thing that's fine.  When you become a member, we do provide you with an initial consultation and personalised training programme.  This is included as part of your joining fee.  We want you to be safe and confident using our Studio, and working with you on an initial programme gives you an introduction to the Studio that achieves this.

Membership gives you unlimited access to one or both of our Studios, to perform your individual exercises and attend circuit classes.

If I become a member, will I be locked into a long-term contract?

No.  We do enter a Membership Agreement with you setting out our relationship expectations.  As part of this, you agree to give us one month's notice if you want to end your membership.  In special circumstances (such as long-term illness or an extended period of time away overseas), we may agree to suspend your membership for a period of time.  We can discuss this with you if the situation arises.

Why are your membership fees different to other gyms?

Our boutique exercise studios are not like the bigger chain gyms; we have limited memberships and you are not left to flounder on your own.  We are invested in your health and well-being.  We will give you attention, support, and the tools to help you achieve your goals

What is the joining fee and what does it include?

The joining fee is $99.00 and is payable when you first join.  It covers two 60 minute 1-1 sessions where we go through an initial consultation, fitness assessment and exercise program as well as a later re-assessment and follow up exercise program.

Can I attend both Studios?

When you join our membership, you join one of our Studios.  But, you can attend both Studios for an additional annual payment.  Please talk to us if this interests you.


Do I have to be a member to come to your Active Aging, Diabetes or Arthritis Exercise Classes?

No, you can come as a casual for $10 per visit.  Concession cards are available for our Active Aging classes - please talk to our trainers at the class.

Are classes included in the membership fee?

As a member of a Studio (Silverstream or Queen Street) you can attend that Studio’s general circuit, Active Aging, Diabetes Hour and Arthritis exercise classes at no extra cost.  Members also receive discounts when registering for Boot Camp and Yoga classes.

Can non-members attend Bootcamp or Yoga?

Certainly.  Non-members are very welcome.

What do I do if it's my first time attending an exercise class or group?

For, the Active Aging, Diabetes or Arthritis Exercise Classes, please phone and let us know if you would like to have a go.  If you are new, it is important to know that you are planning to come. Usually, we like to meet with you 20-30 mins before your first class so we can get you to fill in a short questionnaire and give a short induction to the Studio. Please phone us on 04 9396088.


If you are a member and want to attend a general circuit class, you can just arrive 5 mins early and let the trainer know it’s your first time.



What are the opening hours of the Studios?

The Studios are accessible from 5.00am to 10.00pm every day via secure swipe card access doors.  Occasionally, we shut the Studio’s early to do carpet cleaning and other maintenance that cannot be done when the Studios are open, but we provide you advanced notice of these early closing times.

How much does one to one personal training cost?

Our trainers are independent and set their own rates.  1-1 prices range from $35-45 (30mins) to $55-80 (1hour) depending on the trainer and type of training involved. Small group training for up to 3 people can also be cheaper for each individual.  See our team HERE for more details.

Can I attend a personal training session without being a member?

Yes.  Just contact one of our team and they can sort you out.

Do you have showers and changing facilities?

Yes, we have individual showers and changing rooms.

What if I am traveling overseas or have to have surgery, can I put my membership on hold?

We allow members to suspend their membership payments in certain circumstances and provided you give us reasonable notice.  Our memberships are limited, and it is for this reason that we only allow you to suspend your membership in a small number of circumstances. If you are likely to be in this situation, please talk to us beforehand.  

How many times per week do I need to attend the gym to improve my fitness?

Interesting question.  Everybody has a different level of fitness and everyone has different goals, so it depends on each person. However, if you have been mainly sedentary prior, even 1 x per week can make a difference for a period of time.  However overall, generally 3x is better than 2x, and 2x is better than 1x. An important thing to note is that adjusting the length of your programme can also be very effective, for example, a shorter programme performed more frequently may suit some people better and you will even find benefit in exercising for 10-15 mins.