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I strive to help people find happiness in their lives through fitness.  I am a true believer in living a more positive life through taking the time to exercise and eat well.  I know that participating in exercise every day is essential to keeping a clear head, feeling healthier, and having more energy during the day.



When I finished my Bachelor's degree, I completed a Certificate in Personal Training through the New Zealand Institute of Sport.  This was as a result of coming to the realisation that it was my dream to work in a field about which I was passionate; health and fitness.  


I enjoy working with senior citizens in our Active Aging classes, to help develop strength and balance to continue leading independent lives. In the past, I have worked with The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand to run fundraising boot camps as I am a believer in the importance of moving your body for mental health.  


Training women to build strength, increase their fitness, and tone up through effective high-intensity interval training (HIIT), is incredibly rewarding when their feedback is feeling like better mums, partners, businesswomen, and most importantly, happier versions of themselves.


Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy), Victoria University of Wellington (2013).

Certificate of Personal Training (Level 4), New Zealand Institute of Sport (2014).


Outside of the gym, I love getting out into the fresh air with my husband, our young daughter, and our dog. Bush walks, time at the beach, trail runs (although these have turned into walks with a heavy child on my back), are my favourite ways to spend the weekend.


I also enjoy sewing in the evenings as a way to relax in the evenings. Some of our circuit members and I regularly swap patterns and ideas over a coffee after a workout.