Active Aging Member? - VIDEO CLASS ONLINE NOW

Are you one of our Active Aging Members? Or just an older member who is now unable to visit our Studio? Give our first InHome Video a go.

It's a short video where Scott takes you through a short series of exercises. 5 exercises, 20 reps each, 2 times through. Do it when it suits you and as often as you like. We aim to produce one video each week.

For this week, we've published the video as open to everyone. From next week, only our members will be able to view via a log-on on our website. Email us to get your log-on sorted.

View the video on our website at

It's our first attempt at one of these videos, so no doubt we will improve as we go along. Feedback is very welcome.

We realise that today's development will have a dramatic impact on the lives of many of you. We want to help keep you motivated, active and happy, and we hope that this video goes some way to helping you keep up your normal routines (albeit at home).

Take care and stay well.

Scott and the ES Team.


If you're not an Exercise Studio Member, we can still sort out your access to the videos. The same goes if you know someone else who may benefit from such access. Please email Danielle at