Knowing the benefits of winter exercise can help keep you motivated

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There are only a couple more weeks until daylight savings ends, and with that can come a decrease in motivation. Knowing the benefits of working out in the colder months can help keep you motivated when we are in the thick of the cold, dark winter. Continue reading below

Boosting immunity

It has always been important to keep the immune system up in winter in order to keep the colds and flu away but as of last year, it is even more important to stay fighting fit. It is well known that exercise can boost the immune system. One way it does this is by increasing blood flow. The increase in blood flow can help to flush toxins out of the body. Immune cells circulate at a much higher rate when the heart rate and blood flow are increased, this leads to a better functioning immune system. Exercise is also a natural anti inflammatory. When the body has an injury or infection, it’s response is to cause inflammation around the area. Over time this inflammation can be damaging to the surrounding tissue and the immune system.

Beating the winter blues

Feeling blue during the winter months is very common. More concerning is an increase in depression and anxiety. When we exercise, we release the four “happy chemicals”. Oxytocin, endorphin, dopamine, and serotonin. These four chemicals each have a different role to play but all increase our feelings of happiness and help to lift our mood. In fact, the mood benefits of just twenty minutes of exercise can last up to twelve hours.

Cold exposure therapy

Cold exposure therapy has been gaining more and more interest in the last few years (thanks to the Wim Hof Method) and is often practised using cold water, but any exposure to colder temperatures can have it’s benefits. Exercising in cooler temperatures can promote these benefits too. Exposure to colder temperatures can improve your quality of sleep, your focus throughout the day, and your immune system. You can learn more about the Wim Hof Method here

Make sure you get into a good exercise routine now and try not to let the earlier sunset sway this routine. Keep these benefits in the back of your mind and note how you feel and if you can see these benefits in your own body and mood. If these two tips don’t work to keep you motivated, there is always Chloe’s tried and tested recommendation to buy a new workout outfit and get out there to wear it in. Stay fit this winter and stay healthy!


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