Lisa Stuart and her very inspiring story.

Lisa is a member of our Silverstream Studio and has an inspiring story to share about her health journey over the last 13 months. Since January 2019, Lisa has lost 30kg, and as a result, no longer has joint pain, no longer takes medication for hypertension or reflux and her sleep has improved dramatically.

Read on to learn about how, even though she was active beforehand, a total change in her nutritional approach has resulted in her feeling the best she has for a very long time - physically, mentally and emotionally. And, if it wasn't true that a picture is worth a thousand words, Lisa's smile definitely is -

Lisa’s story begins...

‘Twelve years ago I experienced a hugely significant loss which left me pretty bereft and with some significant stressors for a number of years. During that time I neglected my own health and my diet was poor. I was likely pre-diabetic with unhealthy visceral fat, and while I did exercise, this was becoming more difficult. I tried various weight management options, none of which were successful for long.’

What changed?

‘With nothing to lose, I began a ketogenic inspired weight loss plan. It was a very different way of eating for me so I decided to try it for a month. After those first four weeks, I had lost 5kg and felt so much better that I continued. In the process, I totally overhauled my eating and the way I thought about food and nutrition. It then took me a total of 34 weeks to lose 30 kg which I have now maintained for the last 5 months. Since then I have increased my exercise, but firmly believe that my wellness and improved health outcomes have come about mainly through nutrition. My biomarkers are all excellent and I feel fit and healthy. I certainly didn’t feel that way for the 10 years prior.’

What’s next?

‘To continue managing my wellness through lifestyle changes including exercise and nutrition. For me that will be continuing to follow a low carb way of eating with a focus on whole foods as opposed to processed food, with the intent of keeping blood sugar levels and my weight stable. My motivation is that I feel the best I have felt for a very long time.’

Lisa’s advice to others wanting to live healthier

‘It would be to repeat a comment that I have picked up along the way – “you can’t outrun a bad diet”.’


We thank Lisa for sharing her personal journey with all of us. We want to celebrate success and the good things that happen in the lives of our members. We hope that by sharing these stories from time to time, they act to inspire others.

If you have an inspiring story or know another member who does, we'd love to hear about it. You can have a chat with Scott or Chloe, or send us an email about it.