Our 5 tips to stay active over the Christmas period

Hurrah - we are officially on the countdown until our Christmas holiday! If you're anything like us, you are probably looking forward to having a break from routine, eating delicious food, exchanging gifts and relaxing with family and friends.

Just because (according to the lines at the supermarkets on Christmas Eve and the days immediately beforehand) the world stops for Christmas, it doesn't mean we have to stop being active. Although sometimes it can be harder to feel the motivation, staying active and healthy over the holiday period definitely boosts our enjoyment of this time. So, we've put together our 5 tips to help all of us stay active and healthy over the holidays:

1. Enjoy the festivities - if you are watching what you eat, don't let a lot of food on Christmas day ruin your enjoyment of the day. Relax without any food/eating guilt and get back on the horse on boxing day (or the day after).

2. Practice give and take - if you are planning on having a 'social' day, try and balance that off by building in some exercise in the early part of the day. It doesn't have to be hugely structured - just get out and enjoy some time being active.

3. Focus on small and often - try not to thrash yourself for hours on end one day and then do nothing for the rest for the week. Try squeezing in 20-30 mins as often as possible to help keep you on track.

4. Be an 'everyday athlete' - mix things up with activities like a beach walk, bike riding and playground adventures (for young and old combined!), etc.

5. Do something a bit different - join our '150 rep holiday challenge'. It starts boxing day and goes for as long as you are on holiday. 5 simple exercises daily, 30 reps each. Members and non-members welcome. More info and to join in on the fun see HERE.

We hope you, your family and friends have a very happy (and active) holiday.

Meri Kerihimete.

Scott, Danielle and the ES Team.