7 Reasons Why Joining a Group Exercise Class is a Good Idea

Although initially joining a group exercise class may be daunting, here are 7 compelling

reasons to do so:

1. Knowing your ‘why’. If your ‘why’ is to improve your quality of life, then you’ll be in the right place.

2. Expert supervision. Our classes are supervised by highly qualified, life experienced and friendly coaches. They ensure you complete exercises correctly, and can suggest adaptations based on your individual circumstances.

3. Social interaction. Mixing with others who are a similar age and have similar goals can be powerful. Bonding while you produce positive endorphins (hormones) exercising can lead to a very happy social environment.

4. Exercise regularity. In addition to the physical benefits of exercising regularly (increased cardio fitness, strength, balance, movement, flexibility, etc.), attending a regular exercise class helps to keep up momentum and avoid stagnation and boredom.

5. Motivation. Scheduled group classes act like ‘appointments’. Knowing others attend may increase your accountability and, therefore, your motivation.

6. Progression. Coming to regular classes will improve your strength, balance, coordination and overall fitness. If you combine classes with personal exercises prescribed specifically for you, you may find that you will even exceed your initial expectations!

7. Individual guidance. Every exercise can be adapted to make it easier or harder. By getting to know you, we can individualise exercises within the group environment to help you get the most of the classes.

Here's to happy exercising.

The Team @ The Exercise Studio.


Active Aging Classes are run out of our Silverstream and Queen St Studios on Tuesdays, Thursdays (Queen St only) and Fridays. See our timetable HERE.

If you have any questions, please give us a call on 04 939 6088 - we are more than happy to talk to you.